Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the cash for homes process, please give us a call. Here are some of the answers to the more common questions we get from customers trying to sell their Sioux Falls houses.

Can I sell a condo or apartment?

Absolutely! At Resolv, we purchase various types of properties, including condos and apartments. No matter the type, we’re here to provide a solution.

Can I sell if I live out of state?

Certainly! Whether you’re near or far, Resolv has the expertise to facilitate the sale of your property, ensuring a seamless experience no matter where you reside.

What do you do with my house after you buy it?

Once Resolv acquires a property, we may renovate or refurbish it to rejuvenate its value. Depending on our strategy and market conditions, we might then resell, rent, or hold it as an investment.

Can I sell if I’m in foreclosure?

Yes, you can. At Resolv, we understand the urgency of foreclosure situations and are prepared to offer fast solutions to help homeowners navigate these challenging circumstances.

How do you valuate my house?

At Resolv, we conduct a thorough market analysis, considering aspects like your home’s condition, its location, recent sales of comparable properties, and current market trends to offer a fair valuation.

Do I need to repair my home?

No, there’s no need for repairs. Resolv buys properties in their “as-is” condition, freeing you from the hassle and expense of any renovations.

Do I need to prepare my house for showings?

Not with us. When you work with Resolv, we handle the purchase process without the need for traditional showings, ensuring a streamlined and stress-free experience for you.